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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon, everyone. happy labor day. we begin with a check on the holiday forecast. thunderstorms from the to put out the fires today? >> we have some heavy rains out
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there. slow movers. they will produce about an inch of rain in a short period of time. we have some showers and south of annapolis. in the central part of baltimore county and cecil county as well we have some showers. this system is moving very slowly, maybe 10 miles per hour to the north. this will cross over into carper county in the next 15 minutes or so. all of these storms have the possibility of producing some local flooding. the forecast for today is off and on showers and thunderstorms. there will be some dry hours mixed in there, and it is awfully humid. we will be back in a few minutes to look at the forecast through the weekend. >> police in baltimore county and are looking for a suspect who may have robbed a convenience store in lansdowne. officers regard -- responded
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just before 2:00 this morning. the store clerk was shot and it is in critical condition at this hour. the search for the suspect continues. baltimore city police say they are still looking for the suspect to shot up a labor day party this weekend, killing a 23-year-old woman. the woman was in the front yard of the party when someone and block away opened fire, striking her in the chest. detective do not believe she was the shooter is intended target and was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. an elderly woman loses her life in a house fire in baltimore. the fire broke out just after 6:30 sunday evening. we have more on the rescue efforts which were simply too late. >> there was a good samaritan in this case, a neighbor who tried to save the 88-year-old woman inside, and he was injured and
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the woman inside perished. >> simply looking into the home, all you can see is black. all the remains are charred. the walls are dark from the smoke. >> officials say the fire started at 6:40 sunday evening here in northeast baltimore. >> i saw the flames shooting up out of the first floor. the flames were so thick and intense, i have never seen anything like that before. it was really bad. everybody in the neighborhood came by to try to help get people out of the house and stuff, but -- >> a neighbor was injured trying to enter the home, trying to save a woman inside. that man was treated for a possible leg fracture. firefighters ended up finding the elderly woman's body inside. >> she was an 88-year-old woman.
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no one else was home at the time. >> victims' relatives huddled around the scene and comforted each other as they walked away. the official do not know exactly how she died but they believe it was from smoke inhalation and burns. thus cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> in other news, the second baltimore grand prix of baltimore is in the history books. things were different this year, but visitors got the last word. officials have not released specifics, but ticket sales were down slightly from last year. an estimated 100,000 people showed up downtown for the weekend race. organizers were happy with the turnout. they said it may traveling and watching the race more enjoyable. >> this year was a lot better because there was more space to walk around. >> the crowd was not quite as heavy, so it was spread out, so
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it was more comfortable. >> we major that they were able to get over the bridges. last year, there were hour-long backups on the bridges. traffic has been good for people this year. we are making sure that everyone know downtown baltimore is open for business. >> the rain held off just long enough for spectators to catch a great race. some drivers still have some problems. one driver caught some air. that was just nine laps left into the race. race officials called the restart good and he took the lead in the no. 28 car. he is now within 17 points of the defending champion will power. >> the only thing i thought about doing today was winning.
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>> the season finale is in two weeks in fontana, calif.. last week, republicans had their turn. now democrats kick up their national convention today to officially renominate president obama for another run for the white house. we are in north carolina with a preview of the dnc. >> democrats are kicking off the festivities here in charlotte with a labor day celebration but tomorrow they will be getting down to party business. >> the stage is set and democrats are gearing up for their convention. it officially starts tuesday but the president spent the weekend previewing his message. >> on thursday night, i'm going to offer you what i believe is a better path forward. aipac that will grow this economy and create more jobs and strengthen the middle-class. the good news is, you get to choose the path we take.
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>> republican met last week in tampa to officially nominated mitt romney as their candidate for president. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> save the question of whether the country is better off now than when it was when president obama was elected. >> without a change in leadership, why would the next four years be different from the last four? >> the vice president's response? >> they have taken social policies out of the 1960's, foreign policies which echoed the cold war, and economic policies that brought -- brought us the great recession. >> today the prison will be in ohio and then he will tour the devastation left behind by hurricane isaac in new orleans. >> thank you. coming up, two children are brutally attacked in their new
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jersey home. what police believe may have motivated the suspect. hurricane isaac is in the books, but there are problems
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th >> one child is dead and
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another in critical condition after police say they were attacked in the new jersey home overnight. investigators say some once lost their throats, killing one and critically wounded the other. a woman need it -- recently had an argument with a man in the neighborhood. police are looking for that man. a wildfire in california has forced the evacuation of thousands of tourists. the fire in the angeles national forest is producing smoke in the area. the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. from fire to water. hurricane is it dumps countless gallons of rain on the gulf coast and at that behind some less than pleasant after effects. this is the site in mississippi where thousands of dead rodents have washed ashore. the officials are now concerned because they have created a
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health and environmental hazard. still to come, before you fire up the grill, you may want to head to the store. shopping special as you can find on this labor day. and there is a reason they call him the sheriff. mark reynolds lays down the law against the braves yesterday. the orioles get another win. >> hd doppler lighting up again today. we will talk about that and a second. take a look outside and ocean city. soaking up the last rays of summer.
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summer for many of us, but today can also be a great time to pick up bargains. retailers tend to offer up holiday sales, not to mention discounts on summer merchandise. if you're in the market for a new grille, patio furniture, or gardening supplies, today could be the last day to find a great deal. wal-mart is now try to cut down on wait times with a new checkout system. the new system is called a scanner and go. shoppers can use their smartphones to scan in items as they shop. the application does not apply to pay with your mobile phone, but it does make scanning quicker and easier. the system is being tested at a store near the company's headquarters in arkansas.
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>> we have some heavy rain out there this afternoon in batches. not a steady rain situation. at least the atmosphere is moving today. we have some heavy rain in annapolis right now. that is extending over the eastern shore. a cell south of the city. another one in cecil county. these are generally moving south to north at around 10, 15 miles per hour. at least they are moving. yesterday, many of these storms were slow-moving and produced two inches of rain. take a water view on the radar. you can see the radar from south to north here. this is the circulation of what is left from isaac.
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hardly noticeable right now, but you can see a little bit of what is left. dew points are in the low to mid 70's, so is not very nice outside. these are not clouds. this is the available moisture in the atmosphere. the potential for a thunderstorm to produce ex- amount of rain. if you get one of the systems, you could get up to 2 inches of rain. blow to mid-70s in the north. 80 in westminster. temperature will not move much today. maybe just another degree or two. down in the tropics, mrs. tropical storm leslie. this is near pr.
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this is a storm that we have to keep an eye on. this may brush the new england coast as we get through next weekend. showers and thunderstorms possible today. some will produce locally heavy amounts of rain. humid and temperatures in the 80's. same thing tomorrow. everybody goes back to work and school, same forecast. chance for rain goes down to 40% on wednesday. then hoping we get some dry weather at the end of the week. another system coming in right behind that with another chance for rain on saturday and sunday. >> researchers at northwestern university have developed a guide to help parents and doctors determine when a tantrum is just being part of a toddler -- being a toddler or if it is a behavior problem.
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researchers found most tantrums happen when a child is tired or frustrated. they also found a less than 10% of kids have a daily tantrum. researchers are now looking at how pattern could be lent to mental health problems. your kids may have been more irrigable playing outside the summer because of all the miskitos and our area, but they bring bigger problems than just 80 bytes. they carry the potentially west nile virus. news about a possible vaccine for that disease. >> inside the university of oklahoma health sciences center, researchers are making progress to develop a vaccine that could save lives. >> it is promising. we think we have a good candidate. >> the team of researchers is able to insulate the west now virus. then they're able to add a chemical that would render the disease harmless. >> we know that we can do it.
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it looks like it can protect against infection. >> it looks very promising. obviously, it could be very beneficial, if it were to be developed. >> and dr. developed -- dr. floyd use the same combination when he conducted aids research in 1990. >> the way that this drug interacts with the virus in the presence of light, it kills the virus. >> researchers are now in the process of developing the actual vaccine, which would then be followed by years of testing before it hits the market. funding is always an issue, but with the recent spike in west nile, he is hoping that the development of this vaccine will be its top priority. now that we have seen this pattern emerged, there will be more movement to develop the
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vaccine to keep the disease out of the cuban population. -- human population. >> it is what orioles fans have been waiting for for 15 years. it is september and the orioles are 15 games above .500 and in prime place for the pennant race. last night, the yankees had an early two-run .500 and in prime place for the pennant race. last night, the yankees lead. however, mark reynolds puts one into the stands. however, he did not stop there. he slams another homer with two on.
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his second double home run game of the season.
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>> before you fire up the grill to start your cookout, here is something to spark your appetite, or maybe it will do just the opposite. it is the national buffalo wings eating contest. joey chestnut sets another record. the most buffalo chicken wings eaton, 191 wings in 12 minutes.
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that beat the old record of 183. looking to pick up some crabs for your final labor day fiesta? he may have to take a rain check. hurricane isaac has cut back on one specific type of maryland crab. gov. martin o'malley raising eyebrows over the controversial statement that he made. tonight, he explained what he meant. and a somber welcome home. a navy seal from the edgewater is brought home and lay to rest. now, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> matt davis here with your winning maryland lottery numbers. your pick 3 is first.
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so we start off with a five. 2. 4. today's pick 3 -- 5, 2, 4. pick 4 is next. the ravens cash prize drawing is coming soon. enter to win at4. here we go with your winning pick 4 numbers. 2. 6. 9. 0. today's pick 4 numbers -- 2, 6, 9, 0. >> thunderstorms through the area right now. the good news is, they are moving very quickly, so you may get some heavy rain, but not a tremendous amount like yesterday. 85 for a high temperature. >> enjoy your labor day. thanks for joining us.
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